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Why these professionals recently chose PremierRealtyGroup, and what they have found... 

"I truly wasn't looking to make a change.  However, the professional interaction over the years with Premier REALTORS® has always been a positive experience.  Change is difficult, but the Premier philosophy and cultural fit for me and my business.  Once I made a concerted decision to bring my business to the next level, Premier was the answer. Their strength in production and reputation was second only to their presence and leadership in both local real estate and community involvement.  The leadership and support teams will enable me to focus on the buyers and sellers. The REALTROS® have made me feel welcome both professionally and personally." 

- Roz DeGraff

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"After being recruited by many of the top real estate companies in the area and doing our own research of various offices in terms of productivity, management, policies and procedures, and economic stability; we realized that it was a relatively easy decision for us to choose Premier Realty Group as our new exceptional workplace - where we have found a supportive team enabling us to be happy and perform our very best." 

- Tim and Marilyn Griffin

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“There was never a question in my mind that when I was able to return home to Stuart that I would pick up just where I left off with Steve Bohner and Premier Realty Group…the same reasons why I joined Steve in 1987 as an original agent at Premier Realty Group are the same ones why I have returned.  Steve’s highest sense of responsibility to our agents and to our clients,  his wealth of knowledge that we are able to draw from in our business matters, the aura of cooperation and support within our PRG community and these are  only the tip of the iceberg.  Our office location, the continued vast market share that we have built upon for 25 years and the sophisticated support systems that are in place.  And, last but not least, is the welcoming spirit that Steve has extended to each and every one of us.” 

- Candace Harman

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“When I started my real estate career I wanted to be affiliated with a well-known, respected, and established company. I found these qualities at Premier Realty Group. Premier Realty Group has been conducting business in Martin County since 1958. Although there are other very good companies out there I felt Premier has everything I was looking for in a company to help me grow personally and professionally. I found their training and support to be second to none. I’m very grateful to be a part of this team and extremely proud to call Premier my home.”

- Dennis Marotta

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“I chose Premier Realty Group because of the impressive reputation and professionalism. I was extremely fascinated with the longevity of the agents working here and the potential for both personal and professional growth. All of the staff are very warm and welcoming and I can tell that the management is very focused on helping all of the agents meet their maximum potential.”

-Heather Raduenz

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"I joined Premier Realty Group because it has strong admin and IT support so I can devote my time to my clients. I also like the 50 year history as a family owned leader in real estate in Martin County. The advanced coaching and training is extensive and detailed, plus the firm has intensive internet marketing for my listings. The agents, staff, and management are extremely friendly and positive. The Premier Realty members have a strong commitment to the community and it's organizations, a strong track record, and an excellent reputation. After months of research of the different firms and options on the Treasure Coast I am confident I have made the right decision.” 

- Joe Melanson

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"The thing that was most important for me as an agent was finding the brokerage which gave me the most support. I was used to having extensive resources and staffing at my disposal in my former career. The training that Premier Realty Group offers is second to none. It arms you with the knowledge and skill to be able to take any listing in any amount. You end up becoming an expert in local market trends and inventory. The best part is, the philosophy at Premier Realty Group is that we are operating from a position of abundance. You don't have to look over your shoulder to make sure you're in one of your colleague's crosshairs. We operate as a team, in a supportive environment, a positive atmosphere, in order to achieve the highest individual income.” 

- Stephen Ngo

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"I joined Premier Realty Group because I simply wanted to be associated with the Best real estate office on the Treasure Coast. A company that has been family owned and operated since 1958. A company that today is still centered around 3 basic core philosophies:
1. Supportive Culture
2. Highest Income Potential
3. Positive Environment.
A company that is head & shoulders above the rest!” 

- Shari Hoffman

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“I chose Premier Realty Group because of their pristine and strong reputation of excellence in the community. I wanted to follow the footsteps of success as some of my previous colleagues had joined Premier Realty Group. After attending various company functions, before coming on board, it was a no brainer that this company operates as a team and family. The support and commitment to their agents’ success is like none I’ve seen in the industry. I can proudly say I’ve joined a ‘Top Notch’ company.”

- Maria Demps

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“Moving myself, my family and my real estate practice  to Martin County from the Hamptons was a welcomed change but naturally there was an adjustment period. Those early days were made so much easier with the invaluable assistance that I received from Premier Realty Group management, staff and the welcoming Premier agents. I like to surround myself with positive and cooperative individuals and while we remain focused and driven, working to achieve  the very best outcome for our clients, Premier has our backs and they continually strive to give us the best and remain a formidable real estate firm. It’s like we get the entire tool box and recognized and respected branding without the big box feel.

- Laurie Overton

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“Being with Premier Realty Group for over a decade has been a very rewarding experience. The quality of fellow professionals sets the standard for all REALTORS®. The support, continued knowledge into an ever changing market, and financial stability that Premier Realty Group offers is unsurpassed on the Treasure Coast. The management is always there to provide important advice in a manner that helps complete a transaction, not hinder the negotiations. Three generations of family owned, and in the same Intracoastal location for over fifty-five years makes this the Bentley of boutique Real Estate companies.”

- Clark Hodges

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“I chose Premier Realty Group because of the great training programs, highly respected reputation of the family environment at Premier Realty Group and professionalism exhibited,” says Todd. “They set the bar high with strong opportunities, and I am pleased to work alongside an elite, professional group of like-minded agents who are transforming the business of real estate,” says Todd. “I’m very excited to work and interact with them in the same company so I can expand my business and help Premier Realty Group flourish.”

- Todd Miller

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 “I chose Premier Realty Group to start my career in real estate because of the well-known reputation for quality agents and leadership in the market place. The superior education, training programs and knowledgeable support staff at Premier Realty Group really support me to be successful. The high level profile, reputation and business strength really attracted me to Premier Realty Group. The deciding factor for me was the fact Premier Realty Group is an established family owned business with family values and philosophy.” 

- Kristine Hennessy Speh
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I love Premier Realty Group! I immediately felt right at home and the choice of where to start my career was obvious. They have an excellent reputation, smaller cohesive office, beautiful prime location, quality personalized training and incredible support. I am excited to be part of a team successful real estate professionals and can’t wait to help my clients find the perfect space to call home.

-Suzanne Pankey


“Choosing Premier Realty Group was very easy for me.  Everyone is so kind and receptive from Steve Bohner, Broker/Owner and his daughter Jessica to the entire staff. There is just a different feeling that you get when you work for a family owned and operated company. The care and attention to clients and staff is second to none. I am looking forward to this excellent opportunity and being a part of this great family."

-Joshua Stevenson

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